Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Facebook Message From Sister Maurer

Well, it all happened so fast. But we feel it was so worth it to have our whole mission together. Some important things they learnt.     

1. PTM Vision - 'In the Tacloban Mission we enable Eternal Conversion thru our Faith and Good Works'

2. Faith + Good Works = Eternal Conversion (for our investigators, the less actives, and for ourselves)

3. Faith means we rely on the Lord - we hold on to the iron rod. Good works are the small acts we perform daily such as service, scripture reading, praying, attending church, and obedience - building our faith. Eternal Conversion is connected to our covenants - baptismal, sacramental, and temple covenants.

--Sister Maurer

Philippines Tacloban Missionaries

(Sister Mortensen is 3rd row from back, next to the "V" gap)

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