Monday, May 4, 2015

She Shared Her Testimony Afterwards And The Spirit Was So Strong

(sorry this is gonna be short!)  


It's been a fantastic week!  G--'s baptism was WONDERFUL!  It was at the church, not in the ocean, but it was just as special :).  Her two kids were there and were so excited for her as well!   She shared her testimony afterwards and the spirit was so strong :).  We are so excited for her and her family!!  She really wants her husband and her other two sons be be baptized as well,  but they are SO shy of us.  Which makes it hard.  ahhh.  We are definitely going to keep trying through.  We planned a family home evening with them, but only G-- and her youngest (member) son was home!  So we are going to try that with them all again :). 

The family I told you about last week, the V-- family, CAME TO CHURCH yesterday!!  Brother and sister both did!!  we were sooo excited when we saw them :).  We taught them saturday night and they have such a STRONG desire for brother to recieve the preisthood and one day go to the temple as a family.  But they haven't been to church in a long time!  Brother said that they plan to come church all of the month of may, so he can recieve the preisthood.  And then sister says, 'no, we are planning to come to church for all the rest of the months as well!"  hahaha.  they are such a cute family :).  We're praying SO much for them, and I just know they're gonna make it to the temple someday!  Ah. I love being a missionary :)

Time to go! sorry it's a quick one:)  I LOVE it here, so much, and am so excited to talk to you all next week!!  Holy moly :).   Can't wait!  Love you all :)  bye!

Sister Mortensen!

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