Monday, May 18, 2015

She Needs The Comfort of the Gospel in her Life

Hello family!!

Quick email since its transfer day!  Me and my companion are both staying in tanauan, which we are SO happy about  :).  But we are still going to go to the transfer meeting, and need to leave soon!

It has been a wonderful week!  Thank you all so much for your emails for my birthday!  Those were so fun to read :).  Dad, thank you, and sorry i didn't get to reply this week, but next week for sure :).

Yesterday was stake conference!  It was so amazing to see so many members all gathered together in one building :). There were sooo many of us!  Sadly, the V-- family didn't make it to church.... because sister is 4 months pregnant!  and is low blood right now, and so it's tough for her to travel.  But they are doing great :).  Quite a few other investigators were able to attend though!  One is brother R--, who will hopefully be baptized in 2 weeks!  He is 22 and is wanting to go on a mission :).  He attended the missionary prep session of conference and said it was great.  We are really excited for him :).  

This week I wanted to tell you about Sister C--.  She's a less active that we have tried to visit a couple times now, but she has never been home.  This week though, she finally was, but said she was busy and asked if we could come back another time.  As we were walking out, Sister Culangan said to say hello to her family as well for us.  Sister C-- pointed out where they were working just down the road, and said they were doing fine.  We asked her how many kids she has, and she said seven, but one of them died, so now just six.  And so sister Culangan asks how he died and she says, "you better sit down, it's a long story." :). And so we sit down with her and she tells us how her son C-- committed suicide last October when he was just 17 years old.  She still is really struggling with accepting and understanding it.  She was very close to him and misses him so much.  We shared with her about why we have trials in this life and how we all have a purpose in this life, even when we don't understand it yet.  Both she and her son are loved by God and even though it's hard to understand, everything happens according to His plan.  She needs the comfort of the gospel in her life!  The comfort of knowing God's plan for all of us.  I'm glad the spirit led us to ask the right questions to help her open up and so we could share.  She asked us to come back again, and I hope we'll be able to bring her some comfort and help her start coming back to church :).  

I love  you all so much everyone :) .  I'm always praying for you and asking for Him to watch over you all :).  I hope you can feel that!

Until next week.... take care!!

Sister Mortensen

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